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Manker U22 III 90.2 USB-C Rechargeable Long Range Flashlight

U22 III 90.2

 Product Description

Utilizes 1x LUMINUS SBT90 GEN2 LED with a max output of 5,000 lumens
Max. beam intensity of 202,500 cd and max. throw distance of 900 meters
New optical grade PMMA TIR lens provides the higher quality and quantity of light in a soft and balanced beam
Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Advanced power management technology for an ultra-low standby drain
Electronic reverse polarity protection
Over-charge protection and over-discharge protection
Built in charging & discharging circuit and Type-C USB port, can support max. 5Volt/3Amp charging
Connected Type-C USB cable (integrated OTG), work as power bank to discharge (support max. 5Volt/2Amp)
Integrated power indicator in side switch indicates remaining battery voltage
User-friendly Interface, easy & fast one handed operation:
- One button control all brightness levels and functions
- Five user selectable moonlight mode(0.1 - 5 lumens) to meet different requirement
- Single click to general mode, friendly adjust 4 brightness levels
- Double click to enter Turbo from any modes (except lock-out mode)
- Triple click to special mode: Strobe / Beacon / SOS
- Memory function stores brightness level last used
- Lockout mode prevents accidental activation
- Button breath flash mode
Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
Premium type-III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Sandblasted strike bezel is used to break windows in an emergency situation
Immersion gold and gold plated connector to ensure an effective conductivity
Utilizes stainless steel button with CD pattern surface for good touch feelings
Premium cooling fins achieve excellent heat dissipation performance
Trapezoidal thread offer high strength and durability, allow taicap twists smoothly
Built-in lanyard hole (inner diameter: 0.12in / 3mm)
Convenient tail-stand capacbility
Rating in accordance with IPX-8 (2 meters under water)
Impact resistant to 1 meter
Purpose-designed to be compact, lightweight and portable.

Product: Pocket throw flashlight
Model No.: U22 III 90.2
Dimension: 5.29” / 134.4 mm length
                 2.05” / 52.2 mm head dia.
                 1.10” / 28 mm body dia.
Max. Output: 5000LM
Working Voltage: 2.9V - 4.2V (±0.1V)
Compatible Battery: 1 x 21700 (Excluded)
Waterproof: IPX-8, 2M
Weight: 6.17 oz / 175 gram (without battery),
            8.99 oz / 254.9gram (with 21700 battery)


What's in the package?
- 1x Manker U22 III 90.2 led flashlight
- 1x USB-C cable (integrated OTG)
- 1x Qaulity holster
- 1x Lanyard
- 1x Waterproof o-ring
- 1x User manual

Technical Data:

Mode/Brightness/Run-time/Throw distance (U22 III 90.2)
Moonlight:         0.1 lumens       850 hours                              -
Low:                  20 lumens         95 hours                            54 meters
Mid1:               168 lumens         11 hours 30 minutes         145 meters
Mid2:               980 lumens           2 hours 15 minutes         378 meters
High:              2000 lumens           2 hours 05 minutes        520 meters
Turbo:            5000 lumens           1 hours 58 minutes        900 meters
Strobe:           5000 lumens           -                                      -

Battery Option (U22 III 90.2)

Charging & Discharging

Battery Voltage Indication:
When U22 III is turned on, the built-in power indicator under the switch will show different light to indicate remaining battery voltage:
- While battery voltage > 3.6V, blue light turn on and last 12 seconds
- While battery voltage 3.6V - 3.2V, purple light turn on and last 12 seconds
- While battery voltage 3.2V - 2.9V, red light constant-on
- While battery voltage < 2.9V, flashlight turn off authomatically

Charging Indicator:
When USB-C charging, different indicator lights indicate battery charging status:
- While battery voltage <4.12V, Red light constant-on
- While battery voltage >4.12V, Blue light constant-on

Discharge function:
Connected USB-C cable (integrated OTG), U22 III can work as power bank to charge other device (Support max. 5Volt/2Amp). When USB-C discharging, flashlight can be also turn on at the same time.

Operation Instruction:

ON / OFF: When the light is off, single click, long press, double or triple click the switch to turn it on. When the light is on, single click the switch to turn it off.

General mode: While OFF, single click switch to enter general mode. Press and hold on switch to cycle through 'Low > Mid1 > Mid2 > High' (or 'High > Mid2 > Mid1 > Low'). Release switch to select one level you want. While cycle to last level 'high' (or 'low'), the light will stay this level and stop cycle. If turn to other level, release switch, and then press and hold on switch again, the light will cycle to opposite direction 'High > Mid2 > Mid1 > Low' (or 'Low >Mid1 > Mid2 > High'). After entering in general mode, single click switch to turn it off; double click to Turbo; triple click to special mode.

Moonlight mode: While OFF, long press 1 second to enter moonlight mode. there have 5 lower brightness levels from 0.1lm to 5lm. Press and hold on switch to cycle 5 different levels. Release switch to select one level you want as the similar operation in general mode. After entering moonlight mode, single click to turn it off; double click to Turbo; triple click to special mode.

Turbo mode: double click to enter Turbo mode from any modes (except lock-out mode). After entering turbo mode, single click to turn it off; double click or long press to general mode; triple click to special mode.

Special mode: While OFF, triple click switch to enter special mode. Press and hold on switch to cycle through 'strobe - beacon - SOS' automatically. Release switch to select one level you want. After antering special mode, single click switch to turn it off; double click to Turbo; Triple click to general mode.

Button breath flash mode: While OFF, long press the switch for 3 seconds to enter button breath flash mode (firstly moonlight will turn on and then turn off).

Lock / unlock: While OFF, quick quadrple clicks will lock-out the flashlight (4 flickers show successful lock-out). While locked-out, quick quadrple clicks again will unlock.

Intelligent memory function: While OFF, single click (or long press) to enter general mode (or moonlight mode) last used. And then press and hold on switch, the light will be cycled to next level in same cycle direction last used.

***Kindly note: This item have NOT included any battery. ***

1. Mankerlight flashlights are high-intensity lighting devices capable of causing eye damage or other harms. so please avoid shining our lights directly into anyone's eyes.
2. To protect batteries, driver circuit and LED, we DO NOT recommend you run the light at turbo mode in longer time.
3. The warranty will be nulllified if product is broken down, reconstructed and or modified by unauthorized parties.
4. To avoid bad contact, please often clean all metal contact with a clean cloth.
5. Every 6 months, threads should be wiped with a clean cloth followed by a thin coating of silicon-based lubricant.
6. To maintain waterproof rating, please lubricate the O-ring with silicone safe lubricant and replace worn O-rings as needed.
7. If the light will not be used for an extended period, remove the battery, or the light could be demaged by electronlyte leakage or battery explosion.
8. Manker recommends using an excellent quality battery. If you do not know how to select correct battery, we recommend you to buy U22 III 90.2 bundle (check here)

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